A Little About Me

  1. I hate boild eggs
  2. I love corn dogs
  3. I don’t like school
  4. I wear a size ten in shoes
  5. I got baptized June 5th 2016
  6. My favorite color is royal blue
  7. I was born in Buffalo, New York
  8. I’ve lived in four diffrent states
  9. I use to think I was born in Africa
  10. Im the youngest of three children
  11. My first job was at a thrift store
  12. I’ve never been to a concert
  13. Friday’s my favorite day of the week.
  14. I’m kinda good at doing impressions.
  15. I cut my leg with a broken broom when I was five
  16. When I was little I wanted to be janitor
  17. I was named after my grandmother but I never got to meet her.
  18. When I was younger I didn’t like how uncommon my name was so I use to write more common names on my paper or I would just draw a squiggly line instead.
  19. When I was younger I use to think I could teleport, because I’d fall a sleep in the car and wake up in my bed.
  20. I made my first YouTube channel because I wanted to watch one of Timothy Delaghetto’s videos that had been flagged
  21. I was bullied in middle for the videos that I posted on my YouTube channel
  22. I love instagram pictures with bright colors and arty effects
  23. When I was little my brother, my sister and myself made a game called ‘ Whooping Mama’ and I would case them around the barckyard trying to hit them with a stick
  24. The First time I drove I was fourteen
  25. My Birthday is March 12th

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