Keep On Pushing

Recently a friend of my mother’s took his life. It was quite a shock,and I never expected it. But, isn’t that usually how it is? No one gets online or calls all their buddies and says ‘ hey guys I’m about to kill myself”. However I do believe that suicides are usually pretty thought out. Not the act it’s self but weather or not the person should do it. Or at least that’s how it was for me. Back in 8th grade I went through an awful depression. It hit me like a left hook to the gut and left me breathless. Now, taking my own life is something I could never do, because I have a purpose. I’m not saying everyone who’s every killed themselves didn’t have a purpose, cause they did. I’m saying that I’m the child of the God that made the sun, the moon and the everything else we see and don’t see. And just like everyone else I fall short and go against my father, however he would ever call me home before it’s time. So why on earth would I go home before he’s ready for me? Yeah life sucks (Thanks a lot Adam) but we as people have a job to fulfill, and that’s just what we’ll do. So when life gets rocky and you feel like it’s too much, just remember this; You were made for a reason, and although you might not no why, you have absolutely NO RIGHT to decide that you’ve had enough of the world and the world’s had enough of you. Stay strong and hold on.


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