Dear Middle School Ninise

Dear Middle School Ninise,

It’s me the same old you, just a little smarter and older. I’m writing you this letter to tell you a few things. First being, Bryce, Shaq and Max are dumb. Their shoes on their feet, and their fancy clothes were brought by their parents. Their nice houses are owned by their parents, and work hard and you can have everything they have and so much more. Care not what anyone has to say, and be you in every way possible. Don’t let those dumb boys or anyone else stop you from being you. Make YouTube video, and unbox a million track phones if you want, cause that’s what makes you happy. Hustle hard, and make videos every chance you get. Cause haters gonna hate, and as long as they don’t touch you, their words will always be just that, words. Play sports, even if you do suck, and join clubs. Your only young once, so don’t waste to much time on the things you can’t change, and run…… a lot. In the future it’ll help both of us so much.

Much love,

The awesome future you.


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