This Little Name Of Mine

My full name is Cephinise Sonia Jean-Louis. My first name is my grandmother’s first name, and my middle is my mother’s fist name. When I first started school, I hated my name. I couldn’t spell it, it was nothing like anyone else’s name, and NO ONE cause say it. On papers, where it said name, I would just write a line or put down some random name, or just leave it blank all together. When teachers would write my name, they would spell it Cephanise and all other types of ways. I always knew when they where about to call my name in school, cause the teacher would always take a deep breath, and say ‘ I know I’m gonna mess this up’. Then, I would spend a good minute two teaching them how to say my name, and when I felt that they were close enough I be all like ” good enough”. However, when I went to a french magnet school, I was very pleased to find that many of my teacher would say my name the way it was intended to be said, and that always made me so happy. But, in schools with non french speaking teachers, I’ve learned to get them close enough to the way it should be said and live it at that, or have them call me by my family nickname, Ninise. But all and all, I love my name and all the headache it comes with.


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