My First Love ( YouTube Story )

It was the summer of 2007 when I met my first love.  It was a nice hot summer afternoon, and I was tried out from running around outside with my next door neighbors so I headed in side. I walked downstairs with the plan to play some games on the computer. However when I arrived downstairs, I was disappointed to find out that my older sister was on the computer. So, I deiced to chill out on the couch in the computer room.  As I was sitting their on the couch, she starts laughing like crazy and a curiosity starts to brew with in me. So being the nosy little sister that I am, I walk over and stood behind her. Her headphones where in so I couldn’t hear what the little Asian man in the video was saying, but it had to be HILARIOUS cause my sister was dying of laughter as she watched this video. So later that day when she got off, I went through the computer’s search history and found the video. My sister was watching a Timothy DeLaGhetto video. Tim is this  Asian guy that was ranting about a topic that I only wish I could remember. But as I watched that video, I laughed and laughed, and had no clue what I had gotten myself into. Then, from that day on I watched Tim’s video’s ALL the time. Then, one day the first step to falling in love with the site happened. So, when I would watch Tim’s video, my sister would always be signed into YouTube. She never logged out because I think she forgot her password or something. But anyways that day she was logged out, and I went to go watch one of Tim’s videos. However, when I clicked on the video, YouTube wouldn’t let me through because the video had been flagged as inappropriate. I was crushed by this, so I went and created an account, lied about my age and watched the video. It wasn’t anything to bad, just a few sexual jokes here and there. Anyways fast forward a few months, and I now have a YouTube to channel. I begin watching more and more of Tim’s videos and I start discovering more YouTubers like Ricky Shucks, and Ty Moss. Just like with Tim, I start watching these guys ALL THE TIME. And slowly but surely I start to subscribe to more and more YouTubers. Then, after sometime, I find out that some of these guys were making their money from these videos and I lost my mind. I soon as I discovered this, I begin to see green EVERYWHERE, and deiced I was going to make videos too. However, what I didn’t know was that you can’t make money  from someone else work ( yeah, yeah, I know how obvious that is, but it wasn’t for me at the time ). Anyways, I made some fan videos for my favorite show Hollywood Heights, cause those were hot at the time, and I also made some videos to my favorite songs. I kept getting copyright notices, but like an idiot I ignored them, until my brother brought the light into my world, and told me that I can’t make money off of others peoples’ works. So, I said screw it and started making videos with my face in them. I only made like two or three cause I didn’t really know what I was doing and I didn’t like the fact that I sounded drunk when I played back the video. I unboxed a prepaid phone and uploaded it to the site. Then, a few days later I ended up getting crap about it from a few of my classmates that had seen the video. They talked about my phone, and all that nonsense about me being poor and even ratted on my user name. I would humiliated, and the thing that made me mad is the teacher sat back and said nothing as they picked on me. I broke into tears, and vowed ever again. But when in love…..Fast forward some more, and my love for the site is back, and stronger than ever.  It’s all I think, talk about, and do all day. So, I made another channel this time I had a plan. A plan to not only make a little dough, but also to show all the haters and Nae Sayers that dreams do come true with just a little hard work and dedication. So I started My new and improved channel (MissPronouced) and I have many, many things in store for that channel. So if this story entertained you, join me on this journey, and subscribe.


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