I’m The Victim Here!

Bullying use to be something that I thought only existed in movies, and  tv shows. I use to think of bullying as a physical act; being shoved into a locker,  punched in the face, or some other from of physical abuse. THEN, I WENT TO middle school. When I entered the fifth grade I found out two things, one bullying is very much real, and two, bullying isn’t always physical. I think the thing I hated the most about the whole situation was not being bullied, but the fact that the teachers and councilors at my school made ME feel like I WAS THE PROBLEM. Every time I went to report a problem, I got the ‘ we’ll look into it’ talk, or the ‘well what were YOU doing to THEM” speech. Isn’t that something, I’m being harassed, and I’m made to feel like it’s my fault. I was always treated like the bad guy, or at least that’s how I felt. And the craziest part is that I didn’t realize it until I became a junior in high school. One day on my way to school, I was being harassed by a few students on the bus. They were throwing things at me, and even stabbed me in the butt with a pencil. I cried and when we got to school I ran into the school. I went to first bell, and was walking about it, and when a teacher over head me, she called the office so that I could sit down with someone and talk about it. I sat down with some administrators and I told them what happen, and they were disappointed in the actions of the students. Their first question was ‘ Are you okay?’ rather than ‘ what did you do to provoke them?’. The disciplinarian never made me feel like I was a problem or anything like that. We talked, and they asked me to identify the person who had been picking on me, and when I told them I didn’t know the person, they showed me a list of students, and helped me find who I thought did it. And after sitting down with the guy that we thought it was, and found out it wasn’t, they still didn’t get up set with me for being wrong.  I was treated with kindness, and I even got a follow up meeting the next day so they could make sure I was okay.

Bullying is a very big problem, and although teachers can’t always prevent it, there are things that they can do to make the victim feel not only safe, but also like their being hear as well.



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