A Writer’s Worst Enemy

There’s nothing worst then starring at a blank screen, or piece of paper, and trying to spit something…. anything out. It’s like forgetting how to speak, or how to use your legs. Writer’s block is a DISEASE. A mind numbing, soul crushing, crippling disease. It’s heartbreaking for a writer when something that suppose to come so naturally is not happening at all. You wait, with your hands hanging over the keys of your keyboard, or with your pen or pencil in your hand, and you get nothing. Not a paragraph, not a sentence, not even a word. It’s rather disappointing. It’s like hearing a drum roll that goes on and on with not grand finish. And the worst part about it is it’s always on the days when you NEED to escape into another world. On the days when your kids won’t stop being jerks, and your day jobs got you wanting to blow up the whole building you work in. So imagine that, you come to your office to create and get lost in this awesome world, and you can’t even find it. And why is that? Cause your brain is just as blank as the screen all your words aren’t on. Man…. I really hate writer’s block.


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