Born With Pursoes

It was March 12, and my mother was in the hospital. She wasn’t there for a check up, or cause something was wrong with her. Nope, she was their to experience what was suppose  to be the third greatest day of her life (the birth or my two older sibling being the first two of course). However, after being in labor for quite sometime, doctors delivered horrible news to my mom. ” Ma’am, I’m sorry to inform you of this, but your child is dead” Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, yours  truly was born lifeless. The doctors couldn’t meet her eyes, and although I wasn’t their, I would imagine that a heaviness hung among the doctors. (but that’s just my guess). Anyways, when my mother receives the news she is unfazed, because she knew that God who never allow her to go through so much, and not provide her with something to show for it. The doctors and nurses cried and cried, and she assured each and every last one of them that her time spent in labor was not wasted. My mom being my mom refused to believe anything they had to say, and sure enough when they raised me  to be me where every it is that they but dead babies, they felt a slight pulse behind my knee. Their plans of putting me in the more quickly changed and they called for an ambulance, and after allowing my mother to pray with me, I was off. It was at that other hospital where I spent the next few months, and everyday my mother would come and visit me. And when I finally was all good. I was able to go home.

I was born the way I was cause I have a great task a head of me. The greatest of tales always have a grand beginning, and for me mind was my birth.


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