About Me


Hey guys it’s me Ninise, and here’s 50 facts about me in no particular order.

  1. I hate hard boild eggs
  2. I’m allergic to catboard boxes
  3. I wanna be an actor and comedian when I get older
  4. I loose things offten
  5. I’m kinda forgetful
  6. I love grilled cheese sandwiches
  7. I write stories in random burst of creativity
  8. I love baked Mac and Cheese
  9. I don’t like math
  10. I love social studies
  11. I use to like science a lot
  12. I love English too (ironic cause I don’t like to read)
  13. My dream car is a Dodge Challenger
  14. I have a burn on my arm that kind look like the Nike sign
  15. My sibling and I use to make up our own games.
  16. I don’t like wearing skirts
  17. I’m a Pisces
  18. I’m a Christian
  19. I was a fat baby
  20. I have slight O.C.D
  21. I don’t like Bon Ton
  22. I love writing stories.
  23. I’ve never been to a concert.
  24. My favorite color is royal blue
  25. I was bullied in middle school
  26. I love the movie I Love You Man.
  27. I was born in Buffalo, New York.
  28. I’ve lived in four different States
  29. I’m the youngest of three children
  30. I was fourteen the first time I drove
  31. I own a guitar but don’t how to play it
  32. I love all kinds of different types of music
  33. I speak English and Haitian Creole fluently
  34. I have a list of random questions in my phone
  35. It’s rather easy for me to become obsessed with things.
  36. I like chewing on bottle caps (yes, I know that’s  weird)
  37. Other than when I was fist born, I’ve never broken a bone.
  38. Timothy Delaghetto is my favorite actor/rapper/comedian
  39. I’ve walked to Canada ( Walked across the Niagara Falls bridge).
  40. I was born dead (Ask enough, and I make a blog post all about it )
  41. When I was about five years old, I cut my leg with a broken broom.
  42. My first serious relationship was my freshmen year of high school.
  43. When I was younger my older brother and I use to write silly songs.
  44. This is my second blog ( I didn’t know what I was doing the first time)
  45. While writing this list I was listening to a bunch of old school rock n’ roll
  46. One of the first few places my mom took me after I was born was to a car garage
  47. When I tying stories in anything that counts my words, I obsess over the number
  48. One time when I was going to Canada, the border patrol guy called me chimpanzee
  49. My brother & I owe each other a ton of money from a couple of silly bets we made at the YMCA.